Helping members both within and outside of the LGBT community is a focus of El Paso Sun City Pride's mission. Through fundraising and joint efforts of the bars in El Paso Pride Square, we distributed over 150 toys and a total of over $1,000 dollar worth of goods to Dame La Mano and La Posada in 2017.

 Additionally, we gave out bags worth $80 to dozens of moms and families in both El Paso and our sister city in Juarez at local shelters to help ensure they have fresh necessities for the holiday season.


Each year, EPSCP collects Easter baskets for local shelters and homes housing at risk populations to ensure that as many people in the El Paso community as possible do not have to go without the joys of the season. 

Events like these are part of Sun City Pride's ongoing efforts to ensure that the LGBT community not only supports it's own but also gives back and builds a strong reputation of charitable giving and community involvement. 


El Paso Sun City Pride is a registered non-profit entity. Aside from some of the work we do detailed above as well as our work supporting local LGBTQ students with scholarships, we ensure that all money eared is money we put back in to our El Paso Community. Unlike other festivals, we take our earnings and invest them back in to things like better entertainment, larger parades, more charitable giving and more partnerships. All of this is key towards organizational growth and insuring we maintain the essential visibility to help continue the great work that was started by our founders.